Sunday, October 19, 2008

5K Race for the Cure

I guess October's turning out to be kind of cause-focused month, although I didn't plan it that way. Today I ran the local Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, an event I've participated in for a number of years. At some point I decided it would be really cool to run instead of walk in this event, and promised myself "next year, I'll be out here running across the finish line!"

Well, it took three years or so, but finally, I achieved that goal! The running is something I've wanted to do for me, but this event is about fighting breast cancer. Choosing this event for my first 5K is about a lot of other people. This is for you:

Aunt Joan & my friend Marcia, two very special ladies who lost the fight to breast cancer.

Aunt Pat, Aunt Mary, Aunt Jody, Kay, Ruth & Shirley, all great women who beat the odds and successfully fought the fight.

And for Jilliann, who just started her fight - hang in there! I'm cheering for you!


  1. Way to go Rebo! Was it exhilirating? You've done such a great job.

  2. Yeah!!!! Way to go. I am so proud (and a little envious) of you running the whole thing. I will be praying for Jillian.

  3. Thanks, girls!! It did feel pretty good to cross that line. Keep in mind that for me, running is still at a pretty slow pace - my finish time (34:05) is not going to set any records. But the goal was to finish, however long it took. :)
    Now I'm looking for another race to enter, so I can be motivated to continue running and improve my time.

  4. Yay, Rebecca! I am so proud of you. Sorry I did not realize that is where you were yesterday. I love reading your blog--your thoughts & goals being honestly shared are such a blessing to me!

  5. Good for you, girl!!! You are such an inspiration to me in so many ways-your devotion to Christ, your discipline, your honesty, your creativity, your sense of humor..... Thanks for your prayers and support! "My grace is sufficient for you." love, Jilliann