Saturday, September 29, 2007

We should do this more often

Do you know this feeling? Whether it's grabbing a cup of Starbucks, enjoying a meal together, taking a walk... after being with friends, it's that feeling you have when the time comes to a close, but you wish it didn't have to. Oh, what a blessing those times are, and I enjoyed just such an evening last night.

Several of us gathered to celebrate birthday. There was great food at a local restaurant, there was birthday cake and coffee afterwards at someone's house, there were stories and more stories and oh, was there ever a lot of laughter.

As the hour gets later people start to head home, and the mood becomes bittersweet. Sweet because it's been so good for our souls to share some hours of of our lives together, exchange stories, and laugh and laugh and laugh. Bitter because our lives are busy and these times are all too few.

Hugs. Thank you's. Happy Birthday! one more time.

We should do this more often.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Skinny Jeans and Cute Shoes

I went to the mall yesterday. A fairly rare event, to be sure, but a good opportunity for people-watching. At one point I found myself walking behind a couple, arm-in-arm, and all I could think was, "Men shouldn't wear skinny jeans. EVER." In my state of general disbelief that not even skinny jeans were exempt from "it all comes back," it never occurred to me that this was a trend for women and men. Shudder. Try to delete image from mind. Did I mention that I'm going to an 80's themed party tonight, and I find it rather scary that I could actually just buy brand new clothes to wear rather than dig through my closet??

On a different fashion-related note, all was not lost in yesterday's shopping adventure: a very cute pair of shoes are now in my closet, just waiting for the right opportunity to debut....

Sunday, September 16, 2007

"My friends, may you grow in grace..."

There's a funny thing about song memories. Hearing a song from a certain time in my life evokes all the memories and feelings from the original time and place. For me, this benediction song was learned during my last years at Calvin College. There I was fortunate to develop friendships I cherish to this day, many of which were enriched by attending LOFT worship and singing this song together.

Where I currently attend church, this song is used as a benediction on occasion. Every time I hear the familiar melody start to play, I am immediately reminded of my college days. I remember the friends whose hands joined mine, and am grateful that many of those frienships have survived the years. I maintain a private prayer ritual, in which I silently pray for those whose hands I am holding, asking God to bless them. I am grateful for the new friendships in my life since joining the church where I sing this benediction today. For that, "to God be the Glory!"


My friends, may you grow in grace,
and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior
My friends, may you grow in grace,
and in the love of Jesus Christ

To God be the Glory, now and forever,
now and forever, amen
To God be the glory, now and forever,
now and forever, amen.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Earthquake Weather

Forgive me if this post lacks any coherency... as I was awakened at 4:30 this morning by an earthquake.

Lately, people around here have been talking about "earthquake weather," as though one could predict that conditions were perfect for a tremblor. Last time I checked, earthquake predicting was still more guesswork than science, but you can't convince everyone of that. So what is earthquake weather? It's quiet and still. Often very little breeze. The air is filled with a sense of expectancy.

You'd think I would be easily able to define "earthquake weather," having lived in California for a good majority of my life, but I heard this term for the first time a couple weeks ago. Someone had called in to the morning radio show I listen to, wondering if the current weather qualified as earthquake weather.

The DJ's assured her that the freak thunderstorm (a remnant of Hurricane Dean travelled north) was definitely not earthquake weather, so we were "safe." Hmmm. Whatever.