Saturday, February 26, 2011

Photography Project #2: Brokenness

This photo assignment was week #2 (photos due 2/21.) The week's sermon was about sin entering the world. We had a great conversation that night about temptations and sin. The assignment this week was one of three things: A macro shot, a close-up shot, or a shot where the subject was framed by something else. At first, I set out to snap some photos of weeds, and I got one that was OK. Then, our family was out to breakfast and I snapped this shot just because it was there. I showed it my my friend Sarah, she knew the theme was brokenness, and this was what she thought the photo said: "it tells me of the struggle most of us have to be disciplined about what we eat. There is such irony that most of the things in this world that taste good aren't good for us at all, while healthy food tastes so, well, healthy." I couldn't have said it better myself!


For the record: it was very, very good.

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