Friday, March 28, 2008

Closed Door, Open Window

Well, yesterday was interesting, but not altogether unexpected. My boss was in town for the first time since becoming my boss in December. (He works from his home in San Francisco.) So, although apparently it wasn't on his agenda when he planned his trip, it turns out part of the reason for his visit was to... inform me that my services were no longer required because my job was being eliminated.

Before your heart sinks to your shoes, let me assure you that my first reaction was: "Woo-hoo!" This is a good thing.

I have been quite unhappy for a long, long time at my job. In fact, I had a conversation with this boss two weeks ago, where I explained to him that I was about to quit for a number of reasons. Not the least of which was that I was bored and my brain was shrinking due to lack of exercise. Honestly, one can only spend so many months poking people on Facebook before somebody figures out that one's salary might be better spent. And I had told the various bosses over the previous number of months that I didn't have enough work to keep me busy, so they were aware of the fact that I was twiddling my thumbs. A lot.

So, as of today, I'm unemployed again. Somebody I talked to this morning dubbed it "job-free." I think I like that better! Either way, this is clear sign that one door is closed (the one they escorted me out of, to be specific) and that somewhere there is an open window. I can't wait to find it.


  1. Thanks for coming to coffee time today and sharing about your week. I'll be praying that the Lord opens a great door for never know what He has in store!

    And, from your previous NEED to tell me where the Pottery Barn outlet is!!! :-)

  2. Oh Rebo, I'm sorry. And although this is a good thing, I'm sure it is hard to really put in perspective that you are forced to look for another job. At a time when you are studying for school, easy jobs can sometimes be a blessing. I will be praying for you and your search for a job that is a great fit. For now, enjoy the freedom from mundane.

  3. So, how's it been being job free? How free do you feel - like, do you feel free enough to fly/drive up north? hint hint... You could come to study in our oh so quite and peaceful home. I mean, who would interrupt you here?