Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thankful Thursday: Potpourri

* I'm getting a great tan this summer, thanks to all the exercising and other outdoor activity.

* My cousin is coming to spend the weekend with me, and we are going to hit the beach and go to a concert!

* I am now registered for fall classes, which begin September 2. Despite some wrinkles in the process that nearly gave me a heart attack... all is well.

* Speaking of heart attacks, my uncle had quadruple bypass surgery yesterday, which hopefully means he won't be having a heart attack any time soon. This is no minor surgery, but it apparently went very well, and I am SO relieved and happy that he is expected to make a full recovery and will probably end up feeling better than ever.

* I got in another 2 miles on the jogging plan this morning. I almost felt like I could do more, but decided not to press my luck. :)

* I met with a friend of mine today for the first lesson in a Bible Study on Grace. One of the exercises the book asked of us was to take time to notice the gifts of God in our lives. By thanking Him, we realize how blessed we are and how very present His grace is every day. We both noted that we took time to thank God for every day things: sunsets, daily safety, food to eat. I also thank Him for time spent with a good friend today, time that enriched my study because my friend shared what she learned this week. God is good.

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