Thursday, May 28, 2009

Book: Dating Big Bird

I went on a brief shopping spree at the library used book store last week. I was feeling temporarily liberated from my textbooks, and ready to feast on some brain candy. Only after reading this book, I was already tired of brain candy and ready for something better. Too bad the other books I bought are also brain candy.... I think I need to make work of spending my time in books with a little more substance.

This book is about a 35-year old single girl who is desperate to have a family, although she hasn't quite managed to find the right guy to be the father in her ideal scenario. She and a friend in a similar state of want begin discussing a deadline, a date on which they will make a decision about starting a family with or without the perfect guy. In the end, she and her friend make different decisions about how to reach their goal.

I suppose the story has some interest, but it was also rather predictable.

Dating Big Bird
by Laura Zigman
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