Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday: A Magical Day

I've been enjoying D*sneyland a LOT since I've had an annual pass, and I got to go again today! Thanks to the "free on your birthday" promotion, my friend Jeanine has been planning to go to the park for her birthday, and of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity to tag along. (Class? What class? Oh... that class. Well, how much damage can it do to miss the class once?)

Often, I try to post about things on Thursdays that are really important, that really make me experience gratefulness so strong I can practically feel it. It surprised me yesterday to be overcome with gratitude over a trip to D*sneyland, but I really was. Having access to a place that is purely fun has been a great outlet for me these last couple months. It is due to the generosity of someone I don't even know that I was able to get an annual pass this year, and I truly am grateful every time I get to go hang out at D*sneyland.

The best part of having a D*sney pass is that I've been able to spend time with some people I love very much because they have passes, too. My cousin Nicole and I enjoyed a fun Friday night at the park in March. We see each other fairly regularly, but don't hang out very much with "just" us. I really enjoyed the chance to get to know her a little bit better, and I'm hoping we get to go again soon!

I've also spent some time at the park with the Goetz family. I've known Sara practically my entire life, and am ever more grateful for my friendship with her and her family. She married the biggest D*sney fan I know, and although they live in Northern CA now, they have passes and have been coming to D*sneyland for vacation a lot. There is no doubt their kids are going to follow in their parents footsteps and become big fans of D*sney, too.

Today, I got to spend with Jeanine and some of her family. We had a fabulous time, and I was reminded what a great person she is, and so happy for the chance to hang out. She lives about 15 miles north of me, and I don't go that direction very often with my commute to classes being in the opposite direction, so we haven't seen each other very often. During the week, the park isn't as busy, so lines are short and it's a relaxing place to spend the day. Add some perfect Southern CA weather to the above, and you have a recipe for a truly magical day!

One of the reasons today was so magical was a special opportunity to experience something very few people do at D*sneyland, and I know that was part of the reason I was so overwhelmed by this visit. There is a "secret," members-only club at the park, and Jeanine's sister managed to get us a reservation at the club for dinner. Again, I was overwhelmed. I have no idea why I'm so lucky as to be able to have this experience, but it was amazing.

Ah, what a great day. I'm blessed.
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