Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I am a 5K runner... kind of

Last year, I worked like crazy for several months to run a 5K, which I did in October. It was great! Since then... well, I've not been as diligent in my exercising, and I definitely would only be able to run 5K right now because I would force myself... but it would not be pretty.

So the annual 5K I participate in is coming up in 5 weeks, and I'd love to run it again. So, I'm forcing myself to get to the gym 3 times a week between now and then so I can at least say I've given it my best shot. I want to be able to say "I am a 5K runner" not just "I ran a 5K once."

I have a friend who is training for a 10K right now, and another friend who is training for a marathon. A marathon! Part of me - OK, nearly all of me - cringes at the thought. Seriously, this 5K (3 mile) thing is hard for me, I'd have to be completely nuts to try 26.2 miles. (YOU, marathon friend, YOU are NOT nuts. You are amazing and inspiring. Sanity judgments are reserved for me only.)

But a little part of me, this voice in the back of my head, wonders if I could do it too. This is the same voice that watched the finish of the women's triathalon during the last summer Olympics and wished I was a brilliant enough athlete to win something that amazing. Probably not, but it's fun to dream a little. Sometimes a crazy dream is the thing that gets me through the last 5 minutes of my puny training run at the gym.

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  1. You inspire me!!!! I need to get back on the wii balance board and get fit - again! I'm with you, for me exercise is more of a chore and makes me feel good because I did something I know is good for me but didn't want to do...not because exercising makes me feel so good. You go girl!!!!

  2. I am nuts! Seriously, I am hoping I get committed soon! And if I can get this close with all the craziness in my life, you can too! You can rock a 5k! I believe in you! A Self-Admitted Crazy Marathoner :)

  3. I recommend reading Marathon for Mortals... It is a great book for "the rest of us" My friends are trying to get me to walk a half-marathon in the spring. i don't know if I will do it yet.