Saturday, January 7, 2012

300 is a perfect score in bowling

Once upon a time, I learned how to keep score in bowling. I think maybe it was to earn a Pioneer Girls badge or something. It wasn't long after that when bowling alleys adopted electronic scorekeeping and average players no longer needed this skill. Nevertheless, it is one of those things I still know how to do, and which I'm sure is using up the brain space I could otherwise be using to solve world hunger or something. Hahaaa.

I admit this knowledge came in useful when I was babysitting a couple months ago and was able to impress the youngsters by accurately predicting that if one of us scored three consecutive strikes in Wii bowling, it would be called a "Turkey".

Other than my recent experience with the Wii, I don't actually go bowling anymore. A bad case of "tennis" elbow that resulted from incorrectly using a computer mouse in excess seems to have forever ruled out my chances of winning Wimbledon or starting a weekend career as a bowling hobbyist. Most of all, it's super awesome to tell people that I've had tennis elbow and how I got it. It's basically the same as wearing a tshirt that says "Geek." Thankfully, some coaching by the doctor who prescribed my malady meant that I was able to improve my computer posture, otherwise I would have never been able to discover digital scrapbooking.

And in other news, this is my 300th blog post on Rebecca's Miscellanies. Thanks for reading!

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