Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The good kind of oops

Today, I was leaving a voicemail for my sister-in-law when it happened. I oopsed a little. It was one of those dumb long voicemails, where I was rambling along with things like "I wonder if, or maybe this, or well, maybe that, but do you know if she [third party] meant this or that or... well, can you just call me?"

Don't pretend you haven't left those kind of voicemails.

So I was leaving along this rambling message and referred to my sister-in-law's sister as her "other sister" which means only one thing: that I think of myself not as her sister-in-law, but just as my... sister. We joked about it when we finally connected, and it was kind of a cool moment. I think we both enjoyed the sweetness of the it, knowing and savoring that we have that kind of relationship. It was an oops that really wasn't because it brought me joy and warmed my heart.

G, I'm so glad that God brought you into our family. You're an awesome sister, and I'm blessed to know you.

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  1. Your sister, my daughter, she has blessed us all!