Friday, January 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday: Free SBucks

Ok, just for starters, I am aware that it's already Friday. Trust me, someone who regularly celebrates TGIF has not overlooked that it is mere hours until the weekend. I just didn't get online last night to get this post done. (Have I mentioned that I hate dial up? Ooops. Supposed to be thankful in this post. Guess I'll shift gears.)

The committment of a weekly post has turned into something I'm not quite sure what to do with. I worry that my posts should be profound and deep, highlighting some great spiritual truth or amazing change of attitude on my part. Will people think less of me if my thankful posts are about silly things? Like cute shoes?

So I'm taking the pressure off myself. I'm going to blog about whatever I'm thankful for in the moment, remembering that the whole point was to practice gratitude, and that should apply to big things and small things.

(Are you still there? Are you wondering if I'm going to get to the point? Here it is.)

This week, I'm thankful for Starbucks. Not just my venti skinny iced latte, but my FREE venti skinny iced latte. I know! Starbucks is never free! So, here's what happened. A friend at work has a daughter who works at Starbucks, and came into some passes that offered customers a free drink every day for one week. Knowing that I just love Starbucks, she gave one of the passes to me. How cool is that?

Seriously, the only thing that would be better would be having Starbucks with you. Just for fun, if you reply to this post... share your favorite coffee house drink. It will be just like you are here.


  1. I'm all over free Starbucks! I'd be ordering a tall caramel macchiato with whip (gotta put the nursing-gives-you-500-extra-calories-per-day thing to good use, right? :-)

  2. Bold coffee, no room, five Splendas, in my own blue travel mug so I get a .10 cup discount

  3. I'll take a tall split drip in a grande cup...and an egg & bacon sandwich please!

  4. guys are all making me thirsty!!