Sunday, May 25, 2008

I Kid You Not

A week ago today, our church had a potluck outside and it was well over 90 degrees. It felt that summer had arrived in full force. By Tuesday it was overcast and cool. Thursday, the freeway I used to drive on every day was CLOSED because a semi truck blew over. On the train tracks next to the freeway, a train was blown off the tracks. Now we get high winds now and then, but this was actually due to a tornado. Seriously. Less than 50 miles from my home.

Toto, I'm not sure we're in California anymore!

So here's a couple funny stories related to this. Thursday, I heard the radio announcer discussing the area that was under a tornado warning. The announcer went on to describe what one should do to be safe during a tornado warning, including the suggestion to go to the basement. A great idea, but it is a rare home that actually has one of those around here. Guess the bathtub will have to do.

Technically, I was probably within the warning area, but assessed the clouds in the distance and just went about my business, because after all, we don't get tornados in California!! The lightning and thunder a few minutes later did rattle my nonchalant attitude... momentarily. By this time, I'm at the store, talking with the sales person helping me, and she mentions that with all this crazy weather - I kid you not - we were sure to have an earthquake next. I couldn't help it, I laughed.

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