Friday, June 20, 2008

21st Century

Well, I've finally started upgrading the technology in my life to the current century. I've just managed to print a single page on my new printer, which I bought for two reasons: the price was right, and it has a wireless connection. Because my space is... cozy, the printer won't fit on my desk so being able to print from across the room is going to be really nice. Actually, until I found this wireless printer, I wasn't even going to get one because I just didn't know where to put it.

As for the price, I was pretty happy with the number of features I could get for a very reasonable price. However, like putting gas in my car, I will need a personal loan to buy replacement ink cartridges. Just a guess that the printer companies make the profits on the ink not on the printers themselves. (How could they at $95?) Just imagine how much gasoline would be if each brand of car required it's own unique brand of gasoline. And the gasoline pumps were equipped with microchips, so your car would know if you put generic gas in it. I guess if it was really like a printer, you'd have to buy a whole new tank when you needed gas because refilling the existing tank would also create an error message. Don't let the oil companies read this.

Next on the upgrade list: trading in my "discman" for an iPod... so I can put all my CD's in storage to make room on the bookshelf for the printer.

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  1. I think you are so funny! I totally agree with you...the printer companies have us all wrapped around their little fingers. Great connection to gas prices and oil!