Friday, June 27, 2008

Thankful Thursday: Just Beachy

I don't get to the beach all that often, despite it's being a mere 45-minute drive from here. Every time I do get there, I tell myself myself I should go more often. I'm not much of a sun-worshiper as I burn far too quickly, but I love being by the water. I could sit for hours and watch the waves crash on the sand, or take a long walk on the hard damp sand, usually carrying rather than wearing my shoes, even in the winter.

My parents' church plans a handful of beach days during the summer, and I penciled every one of them into my calendar. I attend a different church, but I know a lot of the families there. The group gathered around mid-afternoon yesterday, as many others were already leaving for the day. The bigger kids hardly left the water, and the little ones played in the sand. The grown-ups relaxed in comfortable chairs under big umbrellas and made sure that nobody drowned, got lost, missed out on BBQ hot dogs for dinner.

Later, there was a campfire and endless s'mores. I know, because I ate at least one too many, and oh, the sugar headache! If summer had a taste, it just might be s'mores. (I even lived up to a double-dog dare to eat a marshmallow recently extinguished from the flames and only a little carcinogenic.) It was wonderful day in that it was a seized opportunity to relish simple pleasures, and for that I'm thankful.

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