Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Odds and Ends

Finals are next week and I am officially overwhelmed. Yikes. Here's some odds and ends that have crossed my mind recently . . .

Never go to W*l-M*rt on a Sunday in December when the economy is bad. Holy Cow. Miraculously I found a parking place, but there were no carts left. Not a one.

Christmas cards are going out late this year. Like maybe ON Christmas. If I wake up from my post-final exam nap by then.

Yet another risk of trying something new turned out well: Mediterranean Chicken Pita. Yummm. (And for the record, I still don't like lamb.)

Highest price paid for a gallon of gas EVER: $4.54 on June 18, 2008
Lowest price in 2008: $1.67, yesterday (Last time gas prices were this low: 3/31/2006 - $1.65)
Average drop in price since June 18: $.115/week. (With a drop one week of $.50/gal.)*
Maybe it's time for a roadtrip?

Number of relatives coming to visit during the holiday season: at least 10.

Number of times I've been to the gym this week: 1 (I promise I'm going back more often when finals are over. I promised to run a 5K on New Years.)

Number of times I will blog during finals: zero. See you soon!

*Yes, actually, I am a math nerd. And I like Jeopardy! too.
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