Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happiest Place on Earth

I can't believe my luck at being able to spend two days at Disney with the S family! We rode all the great rides, soaked up the amazing Disney magic, charm and hospitality, and we all left wanting to come back for more (even if Aaron doesn't know it yet!)

Disney offers special rates for Southern CA residents, so I will be returning soon... for $31 (!), I was able to upgrade my two-day ticket into an annual pass! Yippee! Looks like me and Mickey are going to become good friends in 2009.

Here's some snapshots of our adventures:

The spinning teacups... a Disneyland classic!

The Hollywood Tower of Terror is a pretty sweet ride. The first time I went on it two years ago, I was completely freaked out and didn't plan to ever ride again... but a few hours later I was back for more. Mike and I checked it out while Sarah kept Aaron company on some kid-friendly adventures elsewhere.

If you're thinking no one should look this sad at the Happiest Place on earth... you're right! This IS a pretty big frown. This was at the end of the Toy Story ride, which is actually very cool. As you ride through, it's like being inside a video game. The cars have guns on them, and you earn points for hitting targets throughout the ride. I made a face because I lost miserably against Sarah.

Here's the best part of the ride. Disney has strategically placed cameras in the ride, and snaps a photo as you move through the ride. In this case, however, instead of being able to buy the image, you can e-mail it to yourself right from the park. Cool! You can see our scores on this snapshot, Sarah scored more than 3 times the number of points that I did.

So, Sarah, when's the rematch??
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