Monday, February 9, 2009

Book: Loving Frank

I am a Frank Lloyd Wright fan. Not a huge fan by any means, but a fan. I like his architectural style, and really anything sort in the American/organic/craftsman vein. I remember the cover of this book catching my attention last year, and put it on my "to read someday" list. Over my winter break from school, I had the opportunity.

This book was a very well-written and engaging story, a fictionalized account of the relationship between Frank and his lover, based on real people and actual historic events.

I'm a bigger fan now. I find myself looking up the locations of Wright homes that are open for tours, and searching the local library database for books about him. Although fiction, the book gives insight into who he was and some of his ideals and that has fueled my interest in actually seeing some of his work first hand.

If you enjoy a good fiction read, even without the sidebar interest in Frank himself, you may like this book.

Loving Frank
by Nancy Horan

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