Saturday, March 14, 2009

Random things

Three weeks have gone by since I've taken time to stop by here. I've lost track of how many times I've thought, "I should blog about this!" but then clearly haven't done it. So here's some random things I've been up to.

I saw He's Just Not That Into You a few weeks ago. GREAT cast, it was fun to see so many famous faces, and let's just say that the dating advice was actually decent. I'm guessing most guys wouldn't have much appreciation for this movie, but I give it a general recommendation.

Yesterday I went to the local second-run theater to see Bride Wars, which was cute. Again, great cast, but the ending was WAY too neat and cliche, even for a chick flick. I really like Candice Bergen, and I think it would have been fun to see more of her.

I went to the beach today to help with a beach cleanup day. Why is it that people think things like their gum and cigarette butts and empty bottles and cans aren't trash? Our group also found lots of icky unmentionable things, as well as a poker chip, old pillow, a military ID (oops!), clothes, plastic bags, etc. Particularly interesting was how much trash there was to be found on the ground right next to the trash can. Hello? If you miss the trash can while doing your Michael Jordan routine, pick it up and try again.

My dad turned 60 last month and we surprised him with a family lunch. He thought he was going to Bible study, and "Surprise!" what ARE all these people doing here?

My SIL turned 30 a couple weeks ago and we celebrated with a fabulous dinner out. I decided to get crafty and made her birthday gift (at right.)

I finished reading Twilight. Review coming soon. I admit I'm kind of tempted to see the movie just to see what they did with it... and to see if perhaps by chance the movie is sometimes better than the book.

I've made it through several tests already this semester and it seems to be going well. The hardest one so far was last week, and I did better than expected. I'm learning that it pays off to use every available minute to work on the test. I was one of the last people to leave, but I know some of those questions I only got right because I worked on them three times.

This week's stock market rally has been good news for my imaginary portfolio... now only down about 1% from when the project started.

I visited the Nixon Library and Museum two weeks ago and got to walk through the helicopter that was used by Nixon during his presidency. Noticed that unlike the beach, the helicopter had an ashtray at every seat.

I learned a great quote last week that has been helping me stay motivated to reach my goals and keep up with my New Year's resolutions. This is the last random thing for today.

"The chief cause of failure is trading
what we want most for
what we want in the moment."

- Eleanor Roosevelt

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  1. I forgot one random thing I meant to include on this list. I took an unplanned detour into The Gap this week, and fell in love. Maybe its because I haven't set foot in The Gap in at least 5 years, I didn't know they sold pants in EXTRA Tall!!! That was the most exciting thing I learned this week!

    Some of the big department stores (Macy's, Penney's, Kohl's) don't even carry long pants other than jeans. This may not seem like a big deal, but my "long" Levi's aren't long enough anymore after a few trips through the dryer, and obviously there are just some situations where jeans aren't the right wardrobe choice.

    Very exciting news indeed.