Sunday, March 15, 2009

You know someone is a true friend when...

...they call to tell you about a great shoe sale! For whatever reason, Crocs was having a huge warehouse sale near where I live, for four days only. My friend called me on Thursday, the first day, to tell me about it. I honestly didn't know if I'd be able to make it to that part of town, and I admit I was skeptical that it would be worth an extra trip. But this afternoon I was able to stop by because I had another errand literally right across the street. So why not?

Well... four pairs of Crocs later, I'm pretty excited about my finds. The silver pair, which exactly replaces a pair I've completely worn out, was only $5!!! Holy cow!! I'd been planning to buy a pair of the flip flops for this summer, but for the regular full price of one pair, I got two pairs with enough leftover for... well, more shoes! Thanks Dorissa!!!

The sale also had boxes and boxes of Jibbitz, the little decorations for Crocs. I've been wanting some, and when I found this cute little turtle, I couldn't resist.

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  1. And you didn't get me any? JK. Glad you found a good deal. That makes for a great day, when you find a good deal. I wish they had a croc dealer around here. I'm about due for a new pair too.

  2. Oh my goodness! Dorissa called to tell me, too, however I didn't make it there and now I'm SOOOO bummed! What awesome deals!!!!!

  3. Yes, Dorissa called me too and we went together. I'd never worn crocs before and I'm SOLD!! I'm wearing some right now in fact! Great deals!

  4. I just hope Crocs stay in fashion for a while, because I think I'm going to be living in them for quite some time!