Thursday, January 21, 2010

No more resolutions week 3

So far, my resolution to focus on my weight loss goals one day and one week at a time has been very successful. In weeks 2 and 3, I lost exactly 1 pound, so after losing 5 pounds the first week (a nice bonus) I'm up to 7 lbs total since 12/30. Niiiice!!

This week I think I was a bit lucky... I can't say no to Mexican food, and ate it three times over the weekend. To try and offset it, I exercised like crazy at the gym three days in a row. I know I won't be successful a second week in a row without getting back to key strategies though.

So... back to the thing I keep asking myself: "Will this help me lose 1 pound this week?"

I'm also very glad for some friends on Facebook who are striving to lose weight... it helps keep me motivated knowing I'm not the only one.

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