Saturday, July 3, 2010

Colorado Vacation Day 9 | 3 National Parks

I've driven through Southern Utah before, but only on the interstate, and had never seen the National Parks in the area. Today was one of those days when literally every bend in the highway revealed a new panorama of beauty. It was another 100+ picture day, these are just a small sample.

Arches National Park

Capitol Reef National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park

We pulled into Bryce Canyon as the sun was setting, and had just a few moments to snap photos before it was too dark. For all the stops, really, I was left wanting to see more of the stunning landscape.

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  1. I'm SO happy you got to stop at these amazing places! (And a bit jealous my trip didn't allow us these same stops...some other time, I guess) I can't wait to see the scrapbook pages you do with all your awesome photos! ;-)