Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh, dear

Back in January, I decided not to make any more New Year's resolutions, and instead focus on trying to make good decisions every day especially as it regards my ongoing efforts to be healthier (that's a euphemism for "lose weight and go to the gym, stupid.")

Well, six months into that experiment, it turns out that isn't a very successful strategy for me. Sadly, this became obvious upon careful quick review of my recent vacation photos. Nevermind that there are multiple other reasons this should have been obvious. It was. I just chose to follow the "I can ignore healthy eating and gym today" voice in my head on more days than I chose the "I will eat fruits and vegetables and burn calories today" voice. *Sigh.* I dearly hope that one day I will learn this lesson better and stop making the wrong choice. But goodness knows it's practically impossible to eat carrots and hummus when the alternative is Rum Bread Pudding. Oh, my.

So yesterday I went back to the gym, and it wasn't awful. I got to watch Opr*h, a guilty pleasure, while doing some jog/walk intervals on the treadmill. It doesn't matter that it was a rerun, since I only ever watch Opr*h at the gym, and you've probably already read through the lines and figured out that the odds of me having already seen any particular episode are pretty low.

I'm going to go have some carrots and hummus, because thankfully there is no more leftover bread pudding.

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  1. This is hilarious! Very a la Cathy Zielske. :-)

    You can do it, dear friend! As Mike tells me when I'm feeling overwhelmed with a task: use the swiss cheese method. Keep poking holes in it, one day at a time, until you've met your goal. Love you!!

  2. Oh Rebo, how I feel your pain. I hardly watch Oprah, and just recently saw an episode on Diabetes. I was so sickened by the statistics, that I was highly motivated to start living healthier the next day...and thought surely that passion would last. By 11:00 am I was eating choc chips. In my head I hard could it really be...I know what I have to do...but alas it's a struggle. Sarah's right, one day at a time. You can do it, and so can I. My goal was 40 lbs by the end of the year, but so far I'm not even half there. We gotta plug away my friend. Miss you.