Monday, November 19, 2007

Cappuccino Friends

When I lived in Michigan, I worked for almost four years at Baker Publishing. Every Tuesday, a group of us would step out for our morning break to get cappuccino. It was big news when Starbucks finally rolled into town and we upgraded to coffee bar mochas from the gas station variety. (True confession: every once in a while, I still stop for those gas station cappuccinos!) Other days we'd go out to lunch together, enjoying a break from the cubicles and catching up on our lives outside of work.

Today, I was excited to meet three friends for lunch to catch up since the last time... which had been far too long (always is, isn't it?) Phyllis & Sara took a break from the office, and Ruth took a break from retirement, to meet me, Jane and Julia at the Meijer Garden cafe.

After lunch, those of us lucky enough to have some leisure time at our disposal wandered through the warm tropical greenhouse and on the cold outside path through the grounds to enjoy the art. Julia looked like an eskimo in all her winter gear - only her bright blue eyes peeked out of all that fleece.

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