Saturday, November 17, 2007

Out on the Town with Aaron

I already blogged a little bit about my trip to downtown Chicago, but didn't mention the great company I spent the day with. I travelled to the area to visit my friends Mike and Sarah and their new baby Aaron, who was almost 2 months old. It was Aaron's first trip downtown! Besides the shopping and pizza previously mentioned, we took some goofy pictures on a visit to the Hershey's store where we stopped for a hot chocolate break from the cold wind outside.

Despite our excitement over the free souvenir hats, Aaron was unimpressed. One day, I'm sure, he'll be begging mom and dad for a Hershey-ized cupcake.

The next day we spent closer to home, but of course I got in some more shopping with my favorite shopping buddy Sarah. I first met Sarah 10 years ago in college; we were assigned to be roommates the year she was a sophomore and I was finishing up a few classes in an extra semester after graduation. What at first might have seemed a random introduction has turned into a deep friendship that has stood the test of years and distance. After sharing our lives these last 10 years, discussing everything from the serious (God's will) to the silly (cute shoes,) it's clear our introduction was not an accident but a divine appointment.

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