Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Today, I'm thankful that my Christmas shopping is done! Yippee! (If anyone is still looking for ideas for me, I'm still hoping for that iPod nano. Haha.)

Here's my funny story about Christmas shopping. I drew my dad's name and he tells me he wants a new Shop Vac. OK, well, not that exciting in my mind, but if he wants it, sure that's what he'll get. So I go to Sears last week and buy the biggest one that fits in the budget... and it barely fits in my car. I guess it's a good thing the budget wasn't any bigger!

I have a hatchback, so there's a cover that hides anything in the "trunk" but the box is actually big enough that I have to remove the cover, and now the word "CRAFTSMAN" is clearly visible from all sides. Clearly, keeping it in my car until Christmas Eve is not going to work, and I need a plan B. Conveniently, my brother keeps his vacation trailer parked in the backyard, so he doesn't know it, but it's serving as Christmas gift storage at the moment.

If I'm lucky, my dad won't have some random reason to go in the trailer before Christmas Eve and spoil the "surprise."

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