Friday, November 28, 2008

Baby Pool

Nope. My nephew's not here yet, he's taking his time and making us all wait - impatiently - for his arrival. So yesterday, I started a baby pool. No money on the line, just for fun.

Here's the rules. Points will be awarded for guesses in four categories as follows:
10 points for the correct date
5 points for the day before or after
20 points for a guess within 5 minutes of the actual arrival time
10 points for being within 1 hour
5 points for being within 6 hours
20 points for a guess within 1 ounce of the actual birth weight
10 points for guesses within 3 ounces
5 points for guesses within 5 ounces
20 points for guessing the exact length
10 points for being within 1/4 inch
5 points for being within 1/2 inch

Winner will be the person with the most points after Charlie arrives!

Here's the official list of guesses:
(Click on the link to the original post to see the list of guesses: )


  1. Can I get in on this? Here's my guess:

    Date: December 2 (my dad's birthday!)
    Time: 10:48 am
    Weight: 7 lbs 9 oz.
    Length: 21 1/2 inches

  2. here's my guess
    December 3
    2 AM
    8 lbs 8 oz
    21 inches

  3. Well... in all fairness I can't really allow either of you to win, since if everyone was guessing today, there wouldn't be any point in guessing the 28th, 29th or 30th. Also, she's being induced today, so probably one of those who guessed today is going to be the winner.

  4. Sarah, I have an uncle with a birthday tomorrow, too!