Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Joy Dare Week 6

I'm behind on my blogging, but still counting away! Here's some notes of thanks from the first week of February:

100. Reaching a count of 100 gifts, and appreciating the gift of a milestone reached.

103. Life Groups starting up again at church.

104. A date with my sweet nephew Charlie, and hearing his adorable voice from the backseat: "Thank  you, Auntie Rebo."

Oh, how my heart melts at that!

No pics this week, that definitely fell through the cracks. I've also been missing a few days now and then; I've lost some momentum. I'm trying to keep up with the count, catching up with extra gifts some days, but need to remind myself that this is important and not turn out the light by the bed before I write in my gifts journal.

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