Sunday, August 31, 2008

Spontaneous Non-Combustion

Nothing will get you out of bed at 2:12 AM faster than the smoke detectors going off. Holy cow. There's a smoke detector in every room, and they are linked to one another, so if the sound from one of them is ear-splitting, you can only imagine how lovely it is when the other nine chime in.

My first thought was to step into the hall to determine if I could smell smoke. Nope, not from my doorway. My bedroom is at the corner of an L-shaped house, but before I could set out in one direction or the other to investigate, the alarm stopped.

Sadly, the alarms in this house have a reputation for crying wolf, so while my gut reaction was to jump out of bed, my first conscious thought was "not again!!" No fire this time. Just another false alarm. In the middle of the night. Again. The false alarms are almost always in the middle of the night. After all, it would be so boring for a spontaneous fire drill to happen at 10 in the morning or during dinner when everyone is awake already.

It took about a half an hour before my heart decelerated to a point where I could think about falling back asleep. It sure felt early when the alarm clock went off at seven. I am really hoping there is not going to be a repeat performance.

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