Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thankful Thursday: All Better

You know when you were little and skinned a knee or fell off your bike and mom would kiss it and make it all better? Those little injuries that seemed so magnificent suddenly and magically disappeared, just because mom said so.

Well, mom didn't decree it this time, but my bum knee is suddenly and inexplicably "all better." As suddenly as it came on, the pain is gone. Earlier this week, my knee "cracked," like a knuckle cracks, and after that I haven't had any pain, so something must have snapped back into place. Woo-hoo!!

I consulted my nearest medical professional, who also happens to answer to "mom," and she speculates that there might be some loose cartilage rattling around that just got stuck in a random place for these last few weeks. Weird!! I really was about to call the doctor to make an appointment because it was starting to impede my life, not to mention my 5K training schedule, and mom definitely recommends I do that if it happens again. Which it might, because this is the second time in two years.

But for now, I'm glad to be back in action! I might not feel the same when the alarm goes off tomorrow at 6:30 so I can resume my 5K training... but I'll just have to convince myself that I'm going to feel really great after I've done my workout for the day.

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  1. yeah...that was bothering you when you were here! I'm so glad it's all better. Yeah for magic kisses - even if it wasn't the primary cause for the feeling all betterness.