Tuesday, April 29, 2008

3 Things Meme

I was tagged by Sarah over at Rose in the Making for this meme, and it's a quiet Tuesday afternoon, so why not?

3 places I go all the time:
* Starbucks (yeah, I know, big surprise there)
* the Library (for the free fast internet)
* Kohl's (I'm trying to cut back on the shopping, but they keep tempting me back with those extra 15% off coupons!)

3 people who email me:
* Dianna who I used to work with at KB Home, sends me lots of funny jokes and forwards
* my Grandma, who at 87 has mastered e-mail!
* Aunt Jo, who lately has been e-mailing updates on her 14-day Caribbean cruise (next time, can I come?)

3 favorite places to eat:
* Claim Jumper
* Mimi's Cafe
* Gino's East of Chicago (A pretty rare event, so local pizza until my next Gino's fix.)

3 places I would rather be right now:
* at the beach
* shopping (with my lottery winnings, or failing that, someone else's money)
* on vacation - anywhere!

3 Projects I'd like to get started:
* writing a new budget
* sewing baby gifts (a couple of which are WAY behind schedule)
* my worship planning assignment for church

3 people who will do this: (I either need to make friends with more people who blog, or I need to convince more of my friends to write blogs... these are all long shots!!)
* Sarah at Life in the Key of A
* Mom at Stampin' Janny
* Sara at Sara Goetz Photography Blog

3 TV shows I could watch over and over:
* Friends
* Frasier
* M*A*S*H (long story)

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  1. Mash? I never would have guessed. Oh, and ask your Aunt Jo to invite me next time too! (: