Thursday, April 10, 2008

Quick Thankful Thursday

Well, I'm knee-deep in studying, so this will be quick... but I wanted to at least post something today.

* My mom recently joined a Christian women's organization that exists to raise money for furthering higher education for other Christian women. On Sunday, a fellow member asked my mom if she knew of anyone who might be a good candidate for loans or scholarships. Hmmm... I guess it took her about a millisecond to come up with my name.

* Twice this week (TWICE – I can't get over this!) I was called with information about possible job opportunities. This is especially remarkable because although I've done some surfing through ads for openings, I have not actively applied to any positions yet. God is good!

* A practice test this week indicated my score is likely to be in the range of those candidates accepted to San Diego State. All I want is to do my best, and have the resulting score be within that range, and I am encouraged by the practice test results.

* Today, I am a bundle of nerves... test is 24 hours away!! But I'm trying to look on the upside: this much stress must burn a few calories, right?

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  1. Go Rebecca! God is paving your way, how fantastic. You are going to do GREAT! I think you might be one of the smartest people I know :-)

    We are all pulling for you- Lucy, Luke, me and Chris!!