Friday, April 4, 2008

On the Road Again

Actually, it's more like "in the air again." Yep, the traveling bug got me again, and I'm planning my next adventure... I'm going to Iowa!! Yippee!!! I've been to Iowa before, so I can honestly say that it isn't the most exciting place I've ever visited, but this trip will be special because I will get to see some good friends in IA and MN, that I haven't had the chance to see in a long while. Then I'll meet up with a bunch of my family who will be celebrating my cousin David's graduation from college.

If you live out that way... order me some good weather, would you?


  1. Oh, can I come? I want to be with you and Sarah! Have fun.

  2. PS: Kyra has been talking about you again for the last couple days. She wants to come visit you, but wonders if you have any toys. I said no, and showed how far away you are on a map. She said maybe we would have to bring you some toys.

  3. Oh, the good old days! I miss those times of hanging out.

    Tell Kyra I miss her, too, and I have a few toys, but it's very nice of her to want to share. :)