Friday, April 25, 2008

I ate Sushi and lived

I know that title sounds pretty dramatic, but an adventurous eater I am not. So when my brother decided that he wanted to go out for Sushi to celebrate his birthday, he persuaded us that it would be really good and we wouldn't have to eat anything raw.

Not only did I survive, but the food was so good that I'm ready to go back tonight. And tomorrow night. And the day after that. By then, I'll be broke, but will have eaten some great food. I don't remember what any of it was called, but I did bravely try eel (very good) and tempura (fried) strawberries for dessert, which were amazing!

Too bad the our next family birthday isn't for 6 months. But it is my birthday, and my choice of restaurants... so sushi will get some serious consideration!


  1. I am very impressed. I have never eaten sushi either. Maybe I should? Glad you went out of your comfort zone and liked it!

  2. Wow. Good for you. I'm still a sushi virgin - and I think I'm going to stay that way. Eel? Ugh. No thanks. You are much braver than I am, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!