Monday, October 29, 2007

Book: Bookends

I picked up this book thinking it was going to be a very light bit of "chick lit," hopefully entertaining, but not really thought-provoking. As I often read purely for entertainment, this type of book is a fun indulgence. Although definitely on the light side, I was surprised to find that it went a bit deeper than I expected.

Main character Cath maintains close friendships with several of her college crowd, although there has been a mutual drifting apart between the core crowd and one individual. As she and her friends navigate changes in their early 30-something lives, and the missing person re-enters in a surprising way, she comes to a new understanding of both the friendships and her present life. By the end of the story, she has "come of age," accepting who she is and breaking out of the self-imposed box she had been living in. She finds a new contentment and joy in her life.

Well, obviously, at least to me, there are some parallels and lessons for me. I'm about the same age as the main character. Although I have some perspective on my college days and growing up years, I'm not entirely content with where my life is today. I think it's fair to say that I have imposed unnecessary limits on myself, and definitely I feel that if I could just be brave enough, I could make some positive changes in my situation.

In the book, Cath quits her unfulfilling corporate job to open a bookstore and conveniently meets and falls in love with Mr. Wonderful as an added bonus. Need I say that I would be happy to jump into these pages and live her happy ending? Probably not. There's a reason that fairy tales are works of fiction, but at the very least it's prompted some thinking about what I can and can't control in my life. For that which I can't, I will need to seek some patience, peace and acceptance. For that which I can... maybe it's time to muster up some bravery and find a dream to chase after.

Bookends: A Novel
by Jane Green

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  1. You've got my support all the way! I often think, "I'd rather say I failed than say I never gave it a shot."

    Dream big, my sister :-)