Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fire Update Tuesday 5:00 PM

As hours go by it seems more certain that the threat has passed. I just talked to my dad for a while, and he can see some flames not too far away, but doesn't expect a problem for our house. Praise God! He will remain at the house and just continue to monitor the situation. He is without power, so doesn't get news except from us, but the latest is that the fire department in Fallbrook is optimistic for containment, and doesn't expect to see more loss of homes. Also, the wind has let up pretty considerably in Fallbrook, so that is a great blessing.

As of now, they are still not allowing people back to Fallbrook, so I'm staying here in Temecula. My sister in law has been wonderful!! My mom went to visit my Grandma today and may spend the night there.

My brother is doing fine, still working on the fires in Rancho Santa Fe. So far, of the thousands of firefighters, there have only been 5 reported with injuries, and 4 of those were on the first day, Sunday. A blessing to be sure that they are safe.

Thank you all for your prayers and notes that your thoughts are with us!


  1. Are you still working as this is going on? I'm glad to hear that everyone is okay thus far. Still thinking of you.

  2. We are praying for you guys and are SOOOO glad that you are safe. We love you. - Sara & Chris & the Kids

  3. so glad to hear you and your family are safe and sound and that your house has not been touched by the fire. Take care and hope to talk to you soon...