Monday, October 29, 2007

Final Fire Update: Home again!

Last night I slept in my own bed. Ahhhh... that was nice. Things are returning to normal, although with a lingering smoke smell in the air. It's not that the air is smoky so much as that the large burn area nearby is filling the air with a smoky smell. In other circumstances, it might be a pleasant smell. Like in a mountain cabin with a wood-burning stove, or around a fire while on a camping trip. (Yes, there are S’mores at the campfire.)

We were very lucky. There isn't even much of a smoke smell in the house, so that's just one more thing to be thankful for. That and the motorhome my parents have in the driveway, which means we have a small refrigerator and stove, since we are without power in the house. My parents called Friday to get the estimate on when power would be restored and they said November 8. Several hours later, the neighbors' lights went on. On Saturday they called again to find the estimate had been postponed 3 days to November 11. They said with that kind of track record, they're afraid to call again!

So, with that being the one outstanding item for a "return to normal," this will be my last fire update. My thanks to anyone reading this for your thoughts, prayers, notes of concern and offers to help me out! I really do appreciate you! It's been a blessing to know I have such a great support system.


  1. So glad to hear that you are home and things are on the up and up! We are still praying for you and all the people in your area. I can't believe you'll be out of power until Nov 8!! That's crazy. Anyway, we look forward to seeing you soon and hearing so many stories. PS - by the way, I am going to that wedding and won't be home until Nov 19, around 2pm. You can arrive anytime after if you'd like.

  2. Glad to hear you are ok.

    BTW: I think you are the only college friend I have who is blogging. :)