Sunday, October 21, 2007

Book: Girl Meets God

This book was not a book I would typically pick up. Mainly, I’m a fiction reader. I love a good story! But recently, I’ve read a few biographies, and when a person’s story is told well, I find it very enjoyable.

Lauren Winner writes about her experience of being raised Jewish, converting to Orthodox Judaism, and then becoming a Christian. Several times through the book she mentions that she was irresistibly drawn to Jesus and therefore, Christianity. In the reformed tradition, the concept of “irresistible grace” is a key theological point, and it was beautiful to read a story where that concept is so obviously evident.

She crafts her story as a memoir of a single year, weaving in memories of significant moments in her faith journey. Time is marked in her story by noting both Jewish and Christian holidays, and her thoughts and experiences with both. Although her comments on each event include historical explanation and her knowledge of them is readily apparent, the discussion is not merely academic. Her story is very personal, and obviously both traditions have great meaning to her.

Another thing I liked about this story was the author’s very personal and honest discussions about sin and confession. Her honesty in dealing with her own sinful shortcomings is admirable. I often shy away from confession, even when it’s just me and God, as I’m afraid to reveal that I have not met His standards. Of course, this is completely irrational in the face of an all-knowing God, who knows my every move before I even complete it.

I enjoyed this book not only because it is a well-written story, but also because it challenged me to think about my own faith.

Girl Meets God: A Memoir
by Lauren F. Winner


  1. Sounds great. Maybe I'll have to check it out. I'm due for another good book (haven't read one in about a month)

  2. I heard Lauren Winner speak at the January Series last winter. She's really funny and quite insightful.

  3. Just found another review and recommendation for this book: