Saturday, October 13, 2007

Grace and Grandma

Last weekend, the Christian Reformed Churches throughout Southern California held a combined worship service to celebrate the founding of the denomination 150 years ago. I love attending events like this. I can't resist wanting to say “I was there.” I enjoy every minute of the special music, the memories shared, and simply being present as history is made. Incidentally, the worship service was held at the Crystal Cathedral, and that in itself was pretty impressive. But most special was attending this historical event with my Grandma.

Grandma is 86, and has been a member of this denomination since about 1953 when she and my grandpa packed up their four kids and immigrated to Canada from the Netherlands. You many know someone just like my Grandma – she’s the sweet little old lady with the thick Dutch accent. If you're lucky, she might be able to supply you with Mentos or Kings during that one- or two-peppermint sermon. I digress.

"Grace Through Every Generation" is the theme for this anniversary year. As I enjoy the memory of last week’s event, I need only think of being there with Grandma to recognize this theme in my own life. My faith is part of the legacy passed down to me from my parents and grandparents. Their faithfulness to God, and His to them, is a priceless gift I am blessed to share.

I've heard a number of dramatic conversion stories, but mine isn’t one of them. When I was younger, I thought my faith story was boring. When one grows up in church, the answer to "When did you become a Christian?" is ambiguous. Was it in Sunday School, when I first learned the stories of the Bible? Or at home, where devotions were read daily after dinner? How about in my years of Christian school and college, where faith permeated study of every subject? Well, yes. All of the above.

While I can’t pinpoint an exact day and time, I do know that over time their faith became my faith. More importantly, I began to see that a legacy of faith is a remarkable testimony to God’s grace in its own way. So for this, and so many other reasons, I held hands with Grandma to sing, “Oh Lord my God… how great Thou art.”

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I love inspirational things like that.